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Jeremy Piper

Hello, I am New Orleans native and Founder of Perfect Fit Training, Jeremy Piper. All of my life I've been a multi-sport athlete who dwelled under pressure. Although adversity is a part of life, after college the pressure became too much. Career uncertainty, Separation Anxiety, and Disappointment formed a perfect storm of depression.


In that "Valley" I developed a healing process to help me become my best self. After using fitness to overcome those dark times and to find myself again, I knew that I should share my Philosophy and Process to help the world.

CEO, Perfect Fit

Jeremy Piper

"Fitness saved my life. Through exercise and healthy mental practices I overcame depression, discovered my purpose and value, and tasted Perfection."

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Take advantage of the opportunity to begin your journey to a wholistic transformation. We'll show you our philosophy and equip you with the tools to progress.


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