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Tone up, Trim down and Shape your Body when you join in on our Perfect Weekend Workouts. 

#Full Body Transformation

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Virtual training sessions bring convenience to members looking for a program that moves with them.


The Best Training Experience On The Planet.

Perfect Fit is a premier training experience that brings fitness to you anywhere, anytime.


Perfection is Progress

Perfect Fit Training believes fitness to have several aspects. Our is mission is to help the world experience fitness that is perfect for their lifestyle.

We use proven concepts, techniques, and coaching to guide you on your journey to spiritual, emotional, mental and physical optimization.

Learn our philosophy on fitness

1-1 coaching sessions ensure success

Gain access to exclusive gear, classes, programs, and more.

Designed for fitness tailored to you

Developed by fitness professionals for everyone, we've built best training services to cater to the specific needs of our clients. We offer a selection of services and innovative tools to suit your needs.

Personal Training

Individual 1 hour coaching sessions where the you undergo intense training designed with your fitness goals in mind.

Small Group Training

In these sessions Coaches guide intimate groups that range between 2-4 team members per session.

Class Sessions

In class sessions, clients move towards their fitness goals in a community setting. Each class is designed to introduce fun and excitement to client’s a fitness regimen weekly.

Virtual Training 

Nutritional Planning

 Fitness Coaching

Virtual training sessions bring convenience to members looking for a program that moves with them.

We work together to curate a nutritional meal plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Perfect Fit offers our members and opportunity to monthly coaching sessions which is optimal for a perfect fitness lifestyle.

What We Do

Begin Your Perfect Fitness Lifestyle

Take advantage of the opportunity to begin your journey to a wholistic transformation. We'll show you our philosophy and equip you with the tools to progress.

 Perfect Fit believe that perfection is always available and possible. Staying focused through progression will help clients overcome obstacles within their fitness journey and their everyday lives!"

Jeremy Piper

CEO, Perfect Fit


Client Transformations


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"Your Emotions are the KEY to Self Love"

Emotional Fitness


SexyNOLA is a movement dedicated to helping the world be Emotionally fit. Every Wednesday we play games, dance, and learn to love ourselves in a Fun Environment. 


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